Shameless Joe

He's Back to his Old Tricks. Maricopa County Deserves Better.

"The sheriff has done two things exceptionally well --

  1. Lie to our community and the court.
  2. Cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits. 

His recent attack ad is another example of his dishonesty. It's time we focus on the real issues that affect our community including crimes against children, violent offenses and the epidemic of heroin addiction.


Joe Arpaio's only concern is protecting his failing legacy. My number one concern is protecting this community and our children." -- Paul Penzone

Here's the Truth.

 "Sheriff Arpaio's campaign commercial portraying Paul as physically aggressive during our marriage was inaccurate and misleading." 

Read the rest of his ex-wife's sworn affidavit here.  

Arpaio has cost taxpayers nearly $150,000,000.00 in lawsuits and legal fees, and polling shows he dangerously close to losing this election. His false claims are the definition of dirty politics.

Why is Shameless Joe Lying?

Don't Just Take Paul's Word for It

Do Your Research

Joe Arpaio is spending millions of dollars to buy your vote. He hopes you forget his failures as sheriff.

Arpaio's Failures Include: 

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